Diode (1A1) characteristics

Polarity and Pinout

1A1 Diode has a cathode – and anode +. In the schematic symbol, the tip of the triangle with the line on top of it is the cathode. The cathode is marked in the body of a diode by a band as shown below.

Diode polarity Current can flow from the anode to the cathode only and never from the cathode to the anode – 1A1 Diode is like a one-way valve.

Characteristics 1 A 1 Diode

1. Maximum Recurrent Pack Reverse Voltage – 50 V

2. Operating and Store Temperature Range – 60- + 150 °C

3. Maximum Average Forward Output Current – 1 A 

4. Weight 0.19 grams 

5. Typical Junction Capital 15 pF

6. Package – R-1

7. Maximum Forward Voltage Dropper element at 1.0 DC – 1.1 V

Dimensions 1 A 1 Diode


Diode (1A1) characteristics

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