1. Type: N – Channel

2. Drain – Source Breakdown Voltage: 60 V

3. Gate – to Source Voltage, Max: ± 20 V

4. Drain – Source On – State Resistance, Max: 12,000 OHM

5. Continuous Drain Current: 81 A 

6. Total Gate Charge: 86.6 NC

7. Power Dissipation: 170 W

8. Package: TO – 220 AB 

Characteristics  (IRF1010E) MOSFET transistor 


# Pin ConfigurationPinout 

Pin Number Pin Name Description
1     GATE Normally connected to GROUND
2     DRAIN Normally connected to LOAD
3  SOURCE Normally used as TRIGGER to turn ON the MOSFET.

# Pin Configuration

IRF1010E is an n-channel enhancement MOSFET designed for high-speed switching applications.  It also has low turn ON resistance. Like any other MOSFET, the IRF1010E is a voltage-controlled device and the MOSFET state is decided by GATE voltage.

Characteristics  (IRF1010E) MOSFET transistor 

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