Zener Diode 1N4733A Characteristics

 Zener Diode Dimensions (1N4733A)

Characteristics 1N4733A Zener Diode 





* Nominal Zener Voltage 5.1V

* Maximum Forward Voltage at 200 mA:1.2V

* Maximum Zener Imperdace at 49 mA: 7  ohm

* Zener Voltage Tolerance is ± 5% 

* Power Dissipation: 1W

* Weight: 0.35 grams

* Package – DO-41

* Operating and Storage Temperature Range:   -65 to +175 °C




Zener Diodes are useful for creating a reference voltage or as a voltage stabilizer for low-current applications. This site is rated for 5.1Volts with a maximum of 1W.


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